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You might have heard/seen/read J.K Rowling’s famous Harry Potter series. In those stories, you are introduced to the Hogwarts castle where young wizards go to learn magic. Every year a new batch would come in and they would have to face the Hogwarts Sorting Hat. It used to sort the students into various houses at Hogwarts. It wasn’t merely a lottery. It was precise and logical. Each according to his or her own caliber was placed into Gryffindor or Slytherin or Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw. One wouldn’t get into Gryffindor just because he wanted to. Neither did Slytherin get someone who would not align to its ethics.

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We believe everyone is good. But we choose only the best match among the lot to match our client requirements. When it’s your own people on your own turf, you can’t afford mistakes…Read More

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Yes, the engine is important and the mileage is essential with respect to a car. But the smooth handling of the steering is equally essential. And this is what many people tend to ignore…Read More

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More often than not, JD’s are like the prescription sheet you get from your doctor. You may think you understand it but do you really? And then if you don’t show it to an experienced chemist, you might end up getting the wrong medicine…Read More

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At Human Forte, we focus on helping our clients build an effective organization through technological approach towards their future. This is achieved through dynamic financial and business advisory…Read More

Our Team

The Mind - Snehal Jain

The Mind - Snehal Jain

Founder and CEO

Great ideas are always conceived in the mind. And Snehal Jain is the mind behind Human Forte. With about a decade of experience in human resources, she knows the right resource for any organization. Important factors like resume, qualification, and experience do matter in recruiting someone. But for Snehal, this is just the step one… Read More

The Heart - Pritam Shah

The Heart - Pritam Shah

Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer

With more than 6 years of experience in various roles, Pritam is truly the heart that beats for Human Forte. The heart that blood to all the organs of the body in the exact amount needed. Pritam also ensures that there is a constant flow of pleasant enthusiasm and commitment in the entire team of Human Forte. Strategic planning and Market research are among his core strengths… Read More


Since my professional involvement with Human Forte it soon became very apparent that Snehal and her team stood out head and shoulders above the competition. Early impressions of complete professionalism and understanding of the clients needs to deliver results were evident from the outset. Open and honest collaboration created a solid foundation of respect and trust between our respective businesses, which made working together a mutual benefit. Our brief was simple, we wanted the best in our respective industry. Human forte, through their highly capable team and extensive network were able to offer this and we very much look forward to continuing to grow our relationship over the long term.

Project management specialist in UK

I have been working with Human Forte since 1.6 year and here are my thoughts on the consultancy. Human Forte is professional in its approach towards its clients and applicants. They have been able to close positions, which have special requirements,due to their attention to detail and perseverance. They were quick to provide CV’s for various positions in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi markets. Snehal is friendly, professional, reliable and dedicated to the client with a quick turnaround time. Wish you all the best.

Talent acquisition working with a leading real estate company in UAE
Talent acquisition working with a leading real estate company in UAE

I have been working with Snehal for a few years now. Snehal will always take the time to really understand the type of person needed not only for the role but also for the Company. She has a solid network of candidates and clients. In her work, Snehal is committed to delivering great results. Her team is constantly finding top quality professionals to join our team at different levels. She is always personable and professional to work with and I particularly like, she treats her candidates with the same respect as employers. I would confidently recommend her to clients and candidates.

Founder of a leading real estate developer in Pune
Founder of a leading real estate developer in Pune

Snehal(Human Forte) was suggested to me as the preferred agency from almost all my fellow recruiters at Properties & Hospitality for both bulk and niche requirements. We engaged Snehal via a very amiable retained search negotiation and she got right to work. Within my year and half of association with her she has produced 100+ qualified candidates, including many extraordinary ones, for certain critical positions few of whom we engaged as finalists, and others got selected and started working with us. 2 super candidates are in the process of being considering for an alternate executive role with our company. We have NEVER used an outsourced recruiter who produced results of this quality in this short a time. Our total time from search selection to hire date for critical and real time positions was 1.5 months, an absolute record for us. Snehal provided an excellent value; a very personable interactive experience and she represented my company and role requirements to the professional community very well. I would highly recommend Snehal Jain for any high level or bulk search need Sr. Director, HR working in top IT company in India
Snehal was an employee with us here at Entercoms for about five years. She handled Human Resources (and not just Recruitment) very well for us. Key to her doing well in Human Resources for us were her qualities of dedication to the job, attention to detail, a never-say- die approach, and a mindset of supporting the business. When she had to leave us to chase her entrepreneurial dream, we were happy for her but sad to see her go. However, once she stabilized Human Forte, we got back to work with her and her team in helping us recruit key talent. Till date, Human Forte has provided several key resources and we are happy with their approach and results. I strongly recommend Snehal and her team for any recruitment related activity, and take this opportunity to wish them the very best!

Talent acquisition working with a leading real estate company in UAE.
Talent acquisition working with a leading real estate company in UAE.
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